Architecture & Buildings

To us, Architecture is comprised of two major categories, the structure and the end user experience.

The structure needs to be planned, designed and constructed properly to ensure the whole building functions as intended, reducing operation and maintenance costs and improving comfort for the occupants; this is the science behind the structure.

The end user experience relates to the exterior and interior environments of the building.

  • Are people excited to walk into the building?
  • Are they comfortable?
  • Do people return to the building because of their experience in the environment?

We aim to achieve “yes” responses to these questions as they positively impact our clients.

At MASER, we create efficient, aesthetic designs for buildings that enhance the lives of people and the communities they inhabit.

We use the “Whole Building Design Guide” and the collection of ASHRAE standards, among other industry standards to provide energy efficient structures that maximize the performance of the indoor environmental quality, HVAC systems and the building envelope, all of which work to decrease maintenance costs and increase user comfort and experience.

MASER offers a broad scope of services for hotels and resorts, mixed-use developments, colleges and universities, office and industrial parks, suburban communities and metropolitan cities. Our goal at MASER is to contribute to the built environment with modern, innovative designs that will enhance our community and improve the end user experience.

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