Stepping Stones Preschool

Mansfield, PA

  • Client: Stepping Stones Preschool
  • Schedule: 2017
  • Contact: Ms. Darlene Burleigh, Owner, 570-662-2192

We contracted with Stepping Stones Preschool to provide full site design and details for the proposed 5,600 square foot preschool facility in Mansfield, PA. The project was constructed on a one-acre lot in the I-99 Business Park.Disturbance was under one-acre but a stormwater management system was constructed with the sub-division. We coordinated our design with the local officials, Fire Chief, Jimmie Joe Carl (Borough Engineer), among others. We obtained the required permits for the developer and presented the project at the Planning Board meeting. We also performed a lighting analysis to prove the proposed lighting would spill onto adjacent properties