New York State Solar Projects

Various Regions in New York

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We performed, and continue to perform, a wide array of services related to the planning, design, and construction of large scale solar arrays in New York State. Sites range in size from 20-acres to over 200-acres. We contract with DSUN to provide site drawings and SWPPPs for presentation at local and county planning boards. Many communities haven’t been introduced to solar yet as the initiative for this clean energy alternative is relatively new in New York State, therefore, many presentations and drawing alterations are generally required to present the entire process to municipal and county stakeholders. We play a significant role when it comes to environmental reviews (wetland encroachment, rare plants/animals/fauna), soil erosion and sediment control and the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR). We dissect the data for the site, and propose plans to reduce or eliminate the risk of environmental impacts. We also provide construction administration services with bi-weekly erosion and sediment control inspections as well as permit retrieval and record drawings.