Hopshire Farm & Brewery

Dryden, New York

  • Client: Randy Lacey, Master Brewer, Owner
  • Schedule: 2016-2018
  • Contact: Mr. Randy Lacey, 607-229-6700

We were approached by Randy when he wanted to build the first addition onto his brewery. The driveway, main brewery building, utilities and parking lot were already constructed but the Town of Dryden asked him to prepare a SWPPP as his phased work was part of a larger plan of common development. As Randy had future expansion in mind, we were contracted to provide a full SWPPP complete with post-development stormwater controls and green infrastructure techniques. The site is located at the bottom of a large hill and when the building was constructed, a large berm was also constructed behind the building to divert water around the site. We proposed a rain water harvesting system to capture roof runoff and to allow Randy to use the water for various operations around the facility. Among other runoff reduction techniques such as filter strips and bioretention areas, we proposed a pond system to provide stormwater quantity controls at the base of his site. The areas were landscaped tastefully to blend in with the surrounding agriculture atmosphere.