Fox Ridge Estates Sub-Division Extension

Veteran, New York

  • Client: Cornell Building & Development, Inc
  • Schedule: 2016 – 2018
  • Value: $5M
  • Contact: Mr. Scott Cornell, Owner, 607-738-8463

Cornell Building & Development, Inc. approached us to plan and design their upcoming 80-acre sub-division extension in the Town of Veteran, NY. This is an ongoing, phased project which will extend the existing sub-division that was constructed in the early 2000’s. A significant amount of coordination is required with this project among many different agencies as the classified Catharine Creek bisects the project area. Our responsibility is to provide the entire site design including grading, site utilities (septic/well/electric/gas/telecommunications/data), stormwater management, environmental reviews, and permitting. A new culvert bridge is proposed to carry traffic over Catharine Creek to the opposite side of the development. A total of 18-21 three-acre lots are proposed and will be the site of custom built homes in the range of $600,000 and $800,000. Coordination with the Town Boards, Town Highway Department, County Highway Department, NYSDEC, NYSDOH, Chemung County Department of Health, NYS SHPO, USACE, and others are required.A significant portion of this project is the grading, road design, and efficient layout of lots as the site is very steep in areas. This presents difficulties along with the presence of a classified stream. Because of this, stormwater management and green infrastructure is paramount