Dunkin' - College Ave

Elmira Heights, NY

  • Client: AJH Design for Patel Network
  • Schedule: 2018–2019
  • Value: TBD
  • Contact: Dave Adams Architect (607) 737-4638 dadams@ajh-design.com

Patel Network purchased the former Central Hots on College Ave. in Elmira Heights with the intent of redeveloping the structure and site into a new Dunkin’, complete with the NextGen design. The site modifications will restore this area, providing a more aesthetic lot.

MASER is the site/civil engineer for the project, responsible for:

  • Site work (driveways, sidewalks, ADA coordination, etc.)
  • Exterior utilities
  • Traffic management
  • Stormwater
  • Landscape design
  • Municipal approvals
  • Permitting

We obtained site plan approval in November 2018 and are currently preparing construction documents for a summer/fall construction window