Dandy Mini Mart - Store #79

Waverly, NY

  • Client: Dandy Mini Marts, Inc.
  • Schedule: 2016–2017
  • Value: $3 Million
  • Contact: Duane Phillips General Manager 570-888-4344 (x133) dphillips@godandy.com

Dandy Mini Marts constructed a new 5,400 square foot convenience store and 10-pump fuel island in the Village of Waverly, NY. This project involved the disturbance of 2.50 acres of land, the rezoning of residential lots, and the merging of several lots into one commercial lot, all of which we were required to present at Village and County Planning Board meetings. The facility includes two large driveway entrances on Chemung Street, one of which is a state driveway in which we obtained a permit for a major commercial driveway from the DOT. Part of obtaining the permit was preparing a comprehensive Traffic Impact Analysis which we presented to the Village Board. The site was located on gravelly soils which allowed for stormwater infiltration trenches. The client wanted to install a rear access driveway to Ithaca Street which required a significant amount of grading to transition the lower elevation (approx. 74-feet) to the upper elevation (approximately 98-feet).We coordinated a review with the State Historic Preservation Office due to historic residences adjacent to the site on Ithaca St. and developed a landscape plan to shield the proposed site from these structures.