Building Science Project

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Building science is the collection of scientific knowledge that focuses on the analysis of the physical phenomena affecting buildings.

Building science traditionally includes the study of the indoor thermal environment, acoustic environment, light environment, indoor air quality, and building resource use, including energy and building material use. These areas are studied in terms of physical principles, relationship to building occupant health, comfort, and productivity, and how they can be controlled by the building envelope and electrical and mechanical systems.

The practical purpose of building science is to provide predictive capability to optimize the building performance and sustainability of new and existing buildings, understand or prevent building failures, and guide the design of new techniques and technologies.

We complement our architectural services with research backed methodologies that work and provide a building that will provide a structure that reduces operation and maintenance costs and delivers a positive end user experience.

It doesn’t stop with the design; the construction phase is just as important. We spend a lot of time in the field to ensure the contractor is specifying the proper materials and is installing them the proper way. This is more important than the design since this is the last opportunity to make changes before building turnover.